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Celebration/ Easter & Spring Activity Day

Our Celebration/ easter & Spring activity day was very successful!

Both children and parents/ carers enjoyed joining in with seasonal activities, in nursery and in the nursery garden which was still covered in snow!

We learnt about the how some people celebrate Easter and about how the environment changes and what happens to animals in spring. Our children and families enjoyed making Easter hats, egg pictures, Easter cakes...yum! and spring flowers. Lots of people also went to the 'Dough Disco' and had fun excercising their hands with play dough!

At the end of each session we joined together to sing our 'Celebration Song' (which can be found on the copy of 'Sharing Our Learning' for this term)  and we cut a special cake that Debra had made for us to help us celebrate. There was enough for everyone to take a piece home!

Many thanks to all who supported us in making this day of celebration, playing and learning at nursery lots of fun!