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29/01/2021: Painty footprints, wet walks, fabulous phonics, marvellous maths and telling our very own stories!

We haven’t let the weather stop our fun and learning. With all the snow and rain over the last couple of weeks, we opened up our the rooms in our newly built extension for the first time which was very exciting and we followed the children’s interests to do some foot printing after their enjoyment of hand printing the previous day. The paint was “slippery” and “slimy” and “went squish between your toes”. Our footprints were amazing as we walked the length of our new room and then had a lovely bubbly wash at the end!


In phonics we’ve been busy using our listening ears to hear different instruments and then playing them loudly, quietly, quickly and slowly. We have also been enjoying Oi Frog which is one of our Core Stories at nursery…getting our ears used to the sound of rhyming words and trying to make up some rhymed of our own!


Our maths time has been helping us to learn about  composition…how numbers are made up of other numbers for example 2 can be 1 and 1 more or 4 can be 2 and another 2. We played some fun games to help us to begin to understand this idea.


Some of our children took a wintery walk in the snow to look for and make prints in the garden and investigate the ices and snow and others took a mini adventure to the little forest which was very wet under foot, but this didn’t stop them exploring and searching for story stones, so that they could do some fantastic story telling of their own.


We did some more storytelling back in nursery too with the help of our Tales Toolkit resources. The children used fantastic describing words to talk about the Character, setting, problem and solution and every story was completely unique!


We’re looking forward to our next steps of learning as we move into February!