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Let It Snow! 11/12/17

What a cold week it’s been. In spite of the chilly weather, we have really enjoyed playing and learning with the snow at nursery this week.

We did lots of talking about how cold it was and the importance of keeping our bodies warm by wrapping up in coats, hats, scarves, gloves and boots before we went out to play. It was also a really good opportunity for us to practise our self-help skills, getting dressed and undressed again.

Outside we did lots of digging and made shapes and models in the snow and looked at the patterns that we could make with our boots and the tools. We changed the colour of the snow with our special spray bottles, talked about how and why the snow melted and used snow instead of mud in the mud kitchen and in the cement mixer. We also made sure we filled up the bird feeders as we were worried that the birds would be hungry because the snow had covered all their food.

We remembered to be safe in the snow with our friends as we were playing and with the help of the ladies, took responsibility for our own well-being by returning inside as soon as we were feeling too cold. The snow was fun but it was very nice to get warm again!