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08/01/2021: Welcome back. A sprinkling of snow, wintery walks, solving problems with maps, outdoor mark making, feeding the birds and keeping warm brrr

It’s been a strange and tricky week after the government’s announcement on Monday evening but we were pleased to welcome back some of our children to nursery after the Christmas break.


The cold weather throughout the week made for some interesting discussions in our garden and changed our outdoor area with frost, ice and even a sprinkling of snow. 


Our children enjoyed frosty walks listening to the sounds of their feet crunching in the frosty grass, looking at the ice crystals on the trees and noticing as the ice and snow began to melt and drip from above. Children noticed that the puddles were frozen and tried to draw in the frost with sticks and chalk…we even froze some things in the garden over night!


In the garden we helped our wildlife by feeding the birds and talking about the best places to leave bird food and feeders and even how the food for birds was made. We saw lots of winter visitors to our nursery garden.


Inside nursery we did some really big thinking and problem solving about things that occurred like how could we help the milkman to find nursery ( as he hadn’t delivered our milk!) and where does wool come from. This prompted us to do some work with maps of the local area and discuss different types of fabrics and how they are produced. We also did some planning and folding to follow the children’s interest in making paper aeroplanes and then flew them



We continued to do lots of talking about keeping safe and why some of our nursery friends are not able to come to nursery this week.


We are all very excited about welcoming some more new friends to nursery next week. We are going to show them how to do fantastic playing and learning and look forward to making new friends.