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We are Sun Safe Superstars!

We are Sun Safe Superstars!


Now it is summer and the weather is getting hotter, at nursery we have been learning all about being safe in the sun.

We have been learning the importance of these sun safe rules…

  1. Slip on your T shirt (this is so your skin is covered up, especially your shoulders which are vulnerable to burning.)
  2. Slop on your high factor sun cream (this is to protect your skin from sunburn)

  3. Slap on a hat (this is to protect your head from sun burn, shade your face and stop you from over heating)

  4. Slurp a drink (this is to keep your body hydrated which helps it to work properly in the hot weather. If you de-hydrate you can get sun stroke which makes you feel very poorly indeed.)

  5. Shade. If it’s really hot go and find some shade. (This is so that your body can cool down.)


To help us to remember all of these things we have been...

  • Learning some sun safe songs

  • Reading a story about George the Sun Safe Superstar and we have tried to be just like him.

  • Made sun hats.

  • Painted sunny day pictures.

  • Collaged a giant Sun Safe George

  • Made a big Sun Safe display to remind us about the importance of sun safety.

  • Done lots and lots of talking about how to be safe in the sun.


At nursery the children have been remembering to bring and wear their sun hats when they go to play in the nursery garden and reminding their grown ups to put on sun cream before they begin the nursery session. 

We have been making sure that we always have a drink at nursery too and we’re getting really good at realising when we are too hot and going to find somewhere shade to cool down.

We are proud to say that, as a result of all this hard work and fantastic learning, we have now been awarded out Sun Safe Nurseries accreditation.

For more information about sun safety and the Sun Safe Nurseries Award, follow the links below.