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Mud is Good, fun and learning to celebrate International Mud Day: 30/06/17

Last week we used mud to help us with our learning!

On Thursday 29th June it was International Mud Day so in celebration of this we decided to think about all the different ways that we could use mud to help us with our learning.

Mud is great for so many things and we already use it a lot at nursery, but last week more than ever.

We used mud in our mud kitchen to make mud pies, feeling and changing the texture by adding water and different materials and we used tools to stir and mix the mud. All of this provided great opportunities for the children’s speech and language as well as cooperative play.

We used mud to mark make with…an interesting way to strengthen those finger muscles and improve fine motor skills and to make some lovely pictures!

We also put on our wellingtons and had a good splash in the mud, listening for the noises that it made and experiencing the squelch under our feet!

We talked to the children about International Mud Day and how people all over the world were having fun and learning with mud. This helped to contextualise their learning and give them a broader understanding of how they are a part of the wider community and the wider world… a key part of our learning on identity.

For more information on international Mud Day please follow the link below and enjoy looking at our photos…mud is good!