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27/05/2020: Fun in the sun, sun safety and a pretend holiday!

Even though there have only been a few of us over the last couple of days, we haven't let that stop us having fun and doing some fab learning!

As it has been so sunny, we watched the story of George the Sun Safe Superstar, reminding us to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SLURP and look for SHADE in the hot sunny weather. 

Outside we were shade detectives...searching for shady spots in the garden to keep cool. We also enjoyed lots of water play to help to cool us down, makng watery hand prints and watching them evaporate and we watered the plants to keep them hydrated too. As we were doing out good looking outside, we found a birds egg. it was very delicate so we were careful to use our gentle hands. 

Inside, we packed pretend cases for a pretend holiday and following on from the childrens interests yesterday, we made painty marbble pictures in rainbow colours!

We cooled down with lots of drinks and melon as well as some a special ice cream sundae treat!

Wow!...we've been so busy. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...?