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Anti-bullying Week:16-20/11/15

This week is National Anti-bullying Week.

At nursery we have been sharing the story of The Rainbow Fish. The story is about a fish with many beautiful scales who won't share with the other fish and therefore loses his friends. After speaking to the wise octopus, he learns to be kind and share and then he has many friends again.


We read the story together and thought of how the characters in the story were feeling. Then talked about what the Rainbow Fish was doing in the story and discussed whether or not it was being a good friend.

Later we thought of ways that he could make the other fish happy again. The children said he could "use his kind words" and "share his scales" then the other fish would want to play with him and be his friend. Some children also talked about times when people had upset them and then been kind to make them feel better.

In Tiger group we thought of how our friends make us happy

In Bear group Abbie re-told the story and noticed that 'using kind hands' and 'sharing' were things that we do at nursery as they are part of our Five Finger Rules.

We all had a Rainbow Fish sticker so that we could talk about our learning at home.


This learning helped our children to think and talk about their own and others needs, feelings and safety as well as discussing what it means to be a good friend.