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Safer Internet Day 2018: 06/02/18

At nursery we take internet safety very seriously. Technology is changing constantly and making sure that everyone is safe and respectful of each other, when using the ever changing World Wide Web is very important indeed.

Internet safety takes a high priority in our curriculum throughout the year and we read and revisit a number of stories including Smartie the Penguin and Digi Duck and Webster the E-safe Spider. We also sing a special song, to help our young children to understand the things that they must do to be safe when they are using the internet.

As today was Internet Safety Day 2018, this part of our learning took especially high priority and we did lots of learning about keeping safe online. This year's theme is create, connect, share respect and this theme was an excellent way to reinforce the rights respecting agenda which underpins all our teaching and learning at nursery.

Firstly we talked about the different ways that the children could access the internet and lots of them knew about tablets, phones, internet enabled TV as well as laptops and computers. We talked about using the internet and its many uses for learning and then reinforced the need for safety by reading our E safe stories. The children were able talked about Smartie the Penguin, Digi the Duck and Webster the spider and made some fantastic links between the story and how to safely use the internet. We all sang our E-safety song to help us to remember the important message…THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK and TELL A GROWN UP. We also wore stickers to reinforce these points further and made some E-safe crowns with the characters from our important stories.


To hear the children singing our special E-Safe song, click the link below.

SONG: Think Before You Click

For more information about E Safety at nursery and useful links to support internet safety please look at our E Safety page or follow the link below.