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The Nursery Garden is Evolving!

As part of our inset  day last Friday the staff worked really hard  to add some new features to our nursery garden.

Expertly coordinated by Amanda and Debbie, Sam and Gwyneth and with the additional help of Steve our Site Manager, we built a new bug house using recycled pallets and erected a musical wall using lots of recycled kitchen equipment. 

The children have already begun to use the new features within the garden and these fantastic new additions will support them with their learning in a number of different ways.

We will be using the bug house to explore for insects with our magnifying glasses and learn about the diifferent types of creatures that we have in the garden and how to be kind an look after them.

The new music wall will provide opportunities to explore and learn about sound and rhythm, creating new sounds and changing them from loud to quiet and well as accompanying ourselves when we sing our many nursery songs.

We also began to build a new outdoor sand pit.The children will be able to dig, build and investigate using sand on a large scale in the outdoor area. This will be open for the children to use very soon.

Also coming soon is our new 'Mud Kitchen' We have chosen an area at the bottom of the nursery garden and are in the process of acquiring the resources to kit it our for use in the near future. We are all looking foward to mixing mud pies and using our senses to learn about texture and smell  as well as investigating change of state and practicing key personal and social skills.