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Everyone has a RIGHT to clean water. Learning on World Water Day 2018:22/03/18

All this week we have been thinking about World Water Day and learning about the importance of clean, fresh water. Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, tells us about every child's right to have safe water to drink and we’ve been thinking about not only ourselves but also children across the world and their right, just like ours to have access to safe, clean water.


We’ve learned about how important water is to our environment and also how lucky we are to have fresh, clean water available every day from the taps in our homes. We looked at some pictures and talked about the people for whom this was not the case and how difficult it was for some people in other countries just to get water to drink and wash in.

We asked the children of think of ideas about how we could save water and they came up with some great ideas about remembering to turn off the taps, reusing water to water the plants in the garden and collecting rain water to use in our mud kitchen at nursery. We also chatted about the ‘Water Hippos’ that help us to save water in our toilets!



For more information about World Water Day please follow the link below.

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