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Farmyard Fun, Nursery trips to Chatsworth Farm Park: 20 & 21/ 06/ 19

Wow! What a brilliant time we had on this years nursery trips. On 20th and 21stst June,  many of our children and their grown-ups came with us to Chatsworth Farm Park for a fabulous day of fun and learning.  

We had a great day exploring the farm park, learning about the farm animals and using our physical and problem solving skills on the playgrounds.

There were many different animals for us to see. Shire horses, donkeys, pigs, donkeys, sheep, goats as well as lots of chickens and baby chicks.

During the day we had a very special learning session where we could stroke, groom and feed some of the animals too, We met some very large rabbits and gave the guinea pigs a lovely brush. We used our very careful hands to gently touch the baby chicks and stood steady as we fed the very hungry baby goats called kids. 

We were so proud of all the children who remembered to be gentle and safe and to wash their hands afterwards.

We did lots of moving around in the sand and on the adventure playgrounds too...digging and scooping, climbing, swinging and balancing and pedaling the tractors! We went down some really big slides too.

It was a fabulous day for chatting to our families and for doing lots of important learning about caring for animals, being kind and gentle and even taking turns and sharing.

It was a fantastic trip and we hope you all had a really lovely day.


For more information about Chatsworth Farm Park, follow the link below to access their website.

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