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World Book Day...snow and potato character fun: 01/03/18

Even though we had to close on World Book Day due to the snowy weather, we still celebrated when the children returned to nursery. Our children (and parents) decorated a potato as their favourite book character and they did such a fantastic and creative job!

We had so many amazing potato characters decorated in such inventive ways. Have a look at our photos…see if you can pick out your own, or choose which one is your favourite!




Learning and research, points to how critical reading is to your child's development. Sharing books can happen at any age and remember, it is not all about being able to read the words. It helps them with their communication, their understanding, learning new words, feeling empathy towards others and so much more but the actual sharing of books helps children to feel connected. These 'connections' are the experiences that pave the neural pathways in the brains, repetition of these connections strengthen these pathways and in turn, grows and maintains healthy brains.


Please follow the links below for some information that will help you to support your child with their reading.