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12/06/2020: A busy week of bubbles and bugs!

As we welcomed some more of our children back to nursey at the start of this week, we discussed our two nursery bubbles; groups of friends and grown ups who are still friends but at the moment have to play and learn separately to make sure that everybody stays safe. We made a picture together to show our two bubbles and to help us to understand…they did fantastically well. 


We took the opportunity to integrate bubbles into our learning too…making bubble pictures and paintings and using giant wands in the outdoor area to create some fabulous bubbles! The children enjoyed making and catching the bubbles and looking at all their colours and sizes there were some that were “massive”  “floaty” and “like a rainbow”


To celebrate World Oceans Day, some of our friends have also been learning about some of the beautiful creatures that live in the sea, how important our oceans are and what we can do to look after them.


Later in the week we were entomologists! Even though it was a bit rainy, we searched the nursery and the nursery garden for all different types of bugs!...using careful hands, magnifying glasses and bug collection pots! We were amazed by what we found. We‘ve sent our findings to a special competition which will also help scientists find out what bugs we have in the local area.

To extend this learning we read some familiar stories about bugs and made bug pictures and prints as well.

For those of you who can’t be with us we hope you’ve had a fabulous week and we thank you for your pictures on Tapestry…how great to see that you’ve all been finding lots of bugs as well!