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Re-cycling Walk: 26/02/15

The children had a fantastic time last week re-cycling all of our old Christmas cards.

We have been learning all about the importance of re-cycling different materials to help the children understand about re-using materials and looking after our world.

The re-cycling walk supported and reinfored this learning and helped the children to understand the actual process of re-cycling.

  • We talked about what would happen to the cards when they were re-cycled and that they would be used to make someting else like books or even toilet paper.
  • We also looked at the re-cycle sign and tlkaed about the other places thay we might have seen it.
  • We put our cards in the re-cycle bin...there were so many that we had to push them right down to make! what a lot of good re-cycling.


Many thanks to everyone for bringing in their old Christmas cards.