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Royal Wedding Celebration Day. Getting ready for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: 18/05/18

What a fantastic and celebratory day we’ve had at nursery today…in preparation for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday.

All the children and the staff looked a bit different when they came to nursery today as they were wearing special clothes…just like they were going to a wedding! There were ties and waistcoats, hats and fascinators, frilly dresses, lace and bows.


Everybody looked fantastic. Gwyneth had made us all button holes, just like a real wedding and Daniel said “they’re so beautiful!"

The nursery was decorated with bunting, banners and Union Jacks to make it look extra special.  Debra bought in her wedding dress and her husband’s tuxedo as well as her daughter’s bridesmaid dress and the special flowers that she had made for her wedding day. There was confetti and wedding music too…the children were very excited! We looked at some pictures to help us to talk and learn about Harry and Meghan’s wedding, other Royal Weddings and weddings in general. We talked about how and why people who love each other sometimes choose to get married and looked at some of the places where they may get married, and the different clothes that they wear, the music they listen to and also the ways that they celebrate their special day.


The whole day at nursery was very special and supported our children’s sense of identity as British citizens and their understanding of special events and celebrations. It also provided a great opportunity to talk about different types of relationships, the choices people make and their right to practice their own culture and religion.


In nursery we played and learned with lots of exciting activities. We made wedding cakes, constructed with union Jack boxes, we made crowns, hats and bunting and we role played in the church. Snack today was extra special too, a 'Royal Tea' of cucumber sandwiches and wedding cake! Our special day at nursery has now made us even more excited to see the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding which will take place tomorrow. Lots of the children and families are planning to watch the coverage and join in the celebrations. Harriet said she can’t wait to see what Meghan and Prince Harry look like and we are all looking forward to doing even more talking and learning about it after the weekend.

We hope that you enjoy looking at the photos of our special day at nursery.