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Fun and Learning at the Autumn/ Harvest Activity Day. 22/10/15

Our Harvest and Autumn  Activity Day was fabulous fun great success again this year!

Both children and parents really enjoyed joining in with our Harvest and Autumn activities, in nursery and in the nursery garden.

We learnt about the autumn harvest and about growing food to feed ourselves and others. We also talked about the  importance of giving and sharing food with others who do not have as much as we do.

Our children and families enjoyed doing careful spreading and sticking to make leafy hedgehogs with the autumn leaves from our very own forest, practicing their fine motor skills by hammering golf tees into pumpkins, creating some unique artwork in the nursery garden and making collages from corn. We also made some beautiful 3D paper pumpkins, printed with vegetables from around the world to make a Harvest basket, did some sewing and tasted some hearty vegetable soup with crusty bread on the snack table...yum!

Activity days are always a great opportunity to share our learning with  our families at nursery and we always have lots of fun.  Many thanks to all who came to join us on this enjoyable day.


We had lots of generous donations of food for the South Normanton Food bank which will help families in crisis. We took the donations to the local food bank who were very grateful for our generosity.

Many thanks to everyone who donated and helped with this great cause.

Please follow the link below for more information about the South Normanton Food Bank

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