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One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four...

The children  and staff have been working very hard in the nursery garden, harvesting the potatoes that we have grown in the vegetable plot.

Debbie used a very big spade to dig down into the ground and then the children helped to pull the potatoes out of the soil.

There were all sorts of potatoes, big ones, little ones and even potatoes that were a funny shape.

When we had got them out of the ground we washed them in some water and then they were ready to eat and use for learning in nursery.

Growing and harvesting the potatoes helped the children to learn about how things grow and following through the process, to eat or play with the potatoes in the home corner, helped the children to understand where our food comes from.  

This activity also gave our children valuable opportunites to share and take turns and talk about their own learning.