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12/05/2020: Florence Nightingale - 'The Lady with the Lamp' Born 200 years ago today!

Today at nursery we have done some very important learning about a very famous nurse.

We learned that Florence Nightingale was born 200 years ago today and now this day every year is International Nurses Day.


We watched a film and looked at some pictures to find out that Florence was a kind and caring lady who helped soldiers during the Crimean War, caring for them through the night with only the light of a lamp, which earned her the name 'The Lady with the Lamp.' We even made some lamps at nursery to help us to remember this.


We learned that she grew up in Matlock, Derbyshire, which is not very far away from here and when the Crimean War was over, she returned to England and set up a nursing school in London to help people learn how to be even better at nursing.


We owe so much to this wonderful lady and what an excellent day to also celebrate and thank nurses all through history and especially those today, for the fantastic job that they are doing, taking care of people who are poorly at this very difficult time.   

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