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22/09/2020: What a busy start to the year!

We’ve had a busy few week at nursery as we have welcomed xx new children through our doors.

It has been a little different this year as our rules, routines and procedures have had to change for the safety of our children parents and staff, as we continue to face the COVID 19 pandemic together but everyone has done extremely well, especially our new children starting nursery for the first tie and our older children who despite having been at nursey before have still has a lot of changes to contend with. A massive well done to you all and a huge thanks to all the staff and our parents for supporting us as we have worked together to make the start of the term as calm and organised as possible.


As we’ve settled in we have been doing some fabulous learning! Here are a few highlights…


Wellbeing, routine and keeping safe

We’ve continued our learning about our own wellbeing and that of our friends by talking through our worries, and supporting each other to feel safe and settled at nursery and reading stories about out feelings. It’s our right to learn about how to keep our selves mentally healthy. We’ve also continued to learn about the importance of keeping clean, particularly handwashing and nose blowing in light of the current pandemic. We know it is every child’s right to clean water and to learn how to keep themselves healthy both physically and mentally  (United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child. Article 24)          

We have been learning about the rules and routines at nursery, like where our peg is, why we need to walk in nursery, where our group meet for story, how to explore and use the toys safely and why we wear our wellies when it rains, linking this to our 5 Finger Nursery Rules. This supports our early learning about British values and the rules of Law.

Recycle to save the planet

As we got used to our new snack routine we have started to compost all of our fruit peel. We have a special container on the snack table that we place our apple skin, banana peel and anything else that can be composted, then when its full we take it straight to the compost bin in the nursey garden, to create compost for our fruit and veg growing patch!

International Peace Day 21/09/20

We reminded ourselves that it was the United Nations International Peace Day on 21st September by trying extra hard to be a really good friends and being kind and considerate at nursery. We helped each other and did good sharing, even using timers to help us.

The building work continues…

We have had some fantastic discussions and done some great learning as we have watched the builders continue to build our extension in nursery! We have seen everything from drills, hammers, cutting wheels, water sprays, cement mixers, dumper trucks, bricks and it’s not finished yet! As the new tools and techniques came out, we used our own nursery resources to try to copy what the builders were doing and explain the processes as we went along. We can’t wait to see what they do next!