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Supporting Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing is essential for every child’s development as well as their health. Supporting mental health and emotional wellbeing in the early years of a child’s life helps them to build relationships and be able to learn, as well as promoting social inclusion and expanding opportunities later in life and of course it improves a child’s general health and wellbeing too.


To be emotionally well, we believe that children need to understand and be able to talk about their emotions, discussing how they feel at different times and in different situations in nursery.



We use the story of The Colour Monster, throughout a child’s time at nursery to both support their understanding of theirs and others feelings and develop their emotional literacy (talking about their feelings) and reflect on it to highlight how they are feeling at different times and in different situations in nursery.


In the story, the Colour Monster’s colours are all jumbled because his feelings are in a muddle. His friend helps him to untangle each emotion, discussing them along the way, making him feel much better and loved by his friend.   


You may like to talk to your child at home about the Colour Monster story to help them to express themselves or highlight when they or when you are feeling a particular way. This will help them to understand feelings even more.


To help with this we have included a link below to the Colour Monster story.

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The Colour Monster

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