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06/04/22: Wild Science...Bubbles and Balloons

We had an exciting day of bubbles and balloons yesterday with ‘Wild Science’ who came in to do some science learning with us.


We made our own bubbles by mixing lots of different ingredients together and had lots of fun exploring the bubbles from the bubble machine and looking at all the different colours

We did some magic tricks with balloons on sticks, using Vaseline so the stick went through without the balloon going pop!


We also have played some balloon games that was really good for our hand eye coordination.

We had a brilliant day…the children were so excited. They did some great learning and made fantastic comments about their activities.


“We need water to make bubbles”

“I’m so excited for the bubbles”

“the corn syrup (in the bubble mixture) looks like sticky honey”

“the balloons didn’t pop…that’s Magic”

“my water is getting so bubbly”


What a fabulous day of fun and learning.


To take a look at the Wild Science website, follow the link below


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