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Bonfire Night Celebrations: 05/11/18

As Monday was Bonfire Night, during the last week we have been talking to the children about Bonfire Night and fireworks and they have been recalling their experiences of seeing fireworks with their families, at organized displays and on TV.

We have been learning new skills to make our stunning fireworks pictures including using our fingers to sprinkle and special colours and glitter to make firework shapes and patterns. Both of these fine motor techniques are particularly good for getting our fingers working and building up the strength in our hands.

We have also been making firework noises in phonics, singing firework songs, looking at recordings of real fireworks, using our bodies to move like fireworks with ribbons and streamers and very importantly talking to the children about being safe around Bonfire Night.

Our activities are a very important part of finding out about about British culture as part of our British Values learning and it helps the children to gain an awareness of celebrations and traditions which take place in Britain. It also gives us the opportunity to talk about safety as part of our safeguarding curriculum and discuss the adults role to make sure children are kept safe as this is their right.