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Lots of Learning at Nursery this Week: 02/02/18

Recognising Numbers and Ordering

This week at nursery we have been practising our number recognition. We have been looking for the numerals in lots of different places and thinking about the different places where we my see different numbers. Some of us have been concentrating on recognising numbers between 0 and 10 and some of us have even been challenging ourselves to recognise numbers between 10 and 20 and even beyond!

We have also been getting used to putting numbers in the right order, filling in gaps when numbers are missing and thinking about the places where we see one number following another like the street numbers on house doors.


It is very important as part of our maths curriculum that we contextualise the learning by thinking about it in everyday contexts . Maths is everywhere in the real world and asking questions , exploring and thinking about maths for a real purpose supports the children to understand its importance and relevance to everyday situations.

What Makes a Good Friend?

We have been learning and talking about what makes a good friend at nursery this week. In group time and also during the session we have been exploring friendship and discussing what it means to be a good friend. We asked lots of questions to help us with our learning and here is what some of the children said in response…


  • How do friends talk to you? “ they use kind talking”
  • How do friends play together? “doing lots of good playing" "being kind”
  • What is friendly behaviour? ”use kind hands, not hurting"  "keeping my friends safe then it’s fun”
  • Can you have many friends or only one? “You can have lots and lots of friends, we’re all friends at nursery, we don’t play with everyone though”
  • Can you still be friends with someone but not play with them? “ you can choose who you want to play with, but not everyone at the same time, they can still be your friend though”
  • Can you be friends if you live a long way away from each other? “ like when grown ups phone each other, or you can see each other on your phone”
  • Should friends tell you what to do? "You can choose what you do" " I don't like it when people tell me what to do, if I don't want to do it"


What fantastic ideas our children came up with!


It is so important for our children’s personal, social and emotional development to explore friendships and also as part of  safeguarding for children to begin to understand that they can make choices about their friendships and that they have a right to choose their own friends but also that friends should be kind to them and respect them and not try to make them do things that they don’t want to do .

Rights Respecting Superhero Posters

At nursery our work on respecting rights underpins everything that we do. The children are encouraged to learn about their rights referring to the UN Convention on The Rights of the Child and the staff carefully contextualisie this the help the children to understand and talk about their rights. For the last couple of weeks, to further embed this learning, the children have been putting up posters around nursery which talk about their rights as a child in our nursery. The posters also highlight what it looks like when the children respect these rights with each other. For example the children have the right to be comfortable when they’re learning and by respecting their friends space and privacy (not sitting too close or leaning on them as they’re learning) they are being Rights Respecting Superheros. We have also been giving stickers to our Right Respecting Superheros when they remember to respect the rights of their friends.

Have a look when you visit our nursery for our special posters and see if the children can tell you about their rights.