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03/06/2020: Thinking about re-cycling led us to create our own paper!

As we started to discuss re-cycling paper...we decided to rewind and think about where paper came nobody knew.

We looked at the different things that were made of paper...there were a lot! drawing paper, toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper...

Then Aunty Mabel (Come Outside) took us to a forest and a Paper Mill to show us a the process of paper making! 

The followng day we created  our own Paper Mill at nursery so we could have a go at making our very own paper. We recreated how the wood was prepared and looked at what happened when water was was  bit messy.

We then recreated 'pressure' to squeeze out all the water and flatten the paper...we're now just waiting for it to dry!

Now we know that paper is made from trees, we know we need to be careful and not waste it because wasting paper means cutting down more trees! next week we are going to think some more about re-cycling.