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A Visit From Lindsey, A Veterinary Nurse: 16/01/15

We had lots of fun earlier in the term when we had a special visitor into nursery.  Lindsey who is one of our nursery parents and also a veterinary nurse at the The Alfreton Park Veterinary Hospital, came to nursery to talk to us about her job caring for animals.

We had a session in the morning and the afternoon and it was really interesting and lots of fun. We met Lincoln the tortoise, did some really good listening and talking and even practiced the skills needed to do Lindsey’s job!

  • We learned about what animals eat and had to choose which foods we thought would be best.

  • We used soft toy pets to practice bandaging and looked at a skeleton when we talked about broken bones.

  • We felt our own bones and talked about what they were for what would happen if they were broken.

  • We talked about what a vet and a vet nurse do to help animals that are poorly or injured.

  • Lindsey showed us some of the equipment that a vet and vet nurse use like gloves, a mask, a stethoscope and scrubs.

  • We talked about how important it is to be kind to all animals.

When we had finished, everyone got a sticker to wear to say that they had been a good vet.

This encourages the children to share their learning at home with their parents/ carers


Visitors from the community are so valuable. They put learning into context for our children and enhance our curriculum.

A great big thank you to Lindsey for giving up her time to come and visit us at nursery. We really appreciate it.