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RSPB Big Bird Watch Week and helping the birds in winter: January & February 2019

RSPB Big Bird Watch and helping the birds in winter

In the UK, from 27th to 29th January it is the RSPB Big Bird Watch Week. At nursery we decided to extend this important event over a number of weeks and we prepared for this by setting up our bird hides ready for some twitching (bird watching) At nursery we have been thinking about how we can help the birds during the winter months and looking to see which varieties we can see in the nursery garden. We have looked for bird boxes outside, put out some bird seed and made sure that the birds also had some fresh and unfrozen water to drink. We used some binoculars and did really good looking, to help us to see the birds better and even had a go at making some binoculars of our own. We practised our mark making as we made a note of the different birds that we had seen in the garden. We have also sent a special task home for everyone to look for birds in their own gardens and whilst they are out and about to see how many different varieties they can see. We asked them to take pictures, draw or describe the different feathered friends in their garden and community. One of our children was not able to be at nursery during the big bird watch as she was unwell, so her Grandad built us a special bird box to put up in the nursery garden. Many thanks to Lacey-Lee’s Grandad….Lacey-Lee is now choosing a good place for the box to be sited in the nursery garden.
At nursery we are dedicated to our responsibility to the world and its inhabitants and believe that all living things deserve to be respected and nurtured. Taking care of the birds in winter, providing them with food and shelter is a very important way to support our children understanding of our nursery charter and their responsibility to nature and wildlife.