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14/10/21: We're Going on a Bear Hunt...would you like to come too?

Our core story for this term is a Bear Hunt… so we’ve been doing lots of learning about this fantastic story. We’ve read the story, sang the story, acted it out and learnt some signs to go with some of the keywords in the story too. The story has a great rhythm and lots of fab sounds in it and through repeating lots of times, the children have become fluent in retelling the story and great at making different sounds. We listened to the story on YouTube Kids as well, told by its author the late Michael Rosen…he is so fantastic at telling stories!

Over the holidays we thought you may like to recap the story with your child at home.

We have included the link for the story told by Michael Rosen as well as a version told by Ruth at nursery. We hope you enjoy Going on a Bear Hunt with your children at home!


To view on YouTube Kids you will need a free account if you don’t already have one. Please note that nursery is not responsible for the contents of YouTube Kids or any of its advertising