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14/05/2021: Mental Health Awareness Week. Mental health and emotional wellbeing is so important for us all.

Here at South Normanton Nursery School, as a Rights Respecting School, we are always committed to supporting every child to learn about and enjoy their right to information and opportunities to help them to keep their mind and body healthy (UNCRC A24/A31)

This week we are all thinking about mental health even more as it is Mental Health Awareness Week. It’s been a very tricky year for us all so it is also even more important that we all taking special care of our mental health and that of our families and friends so this week we've been encouraging everyone to engage in our positive mental health challenge!

The Mental Health Awareness Week theme this year is why nature?

Nature is so central to our psychological and emotional health and It’s not just being out ‘in’ nature that’s important but also interacting with it to improve feelings of calm, wellbeing, confidence and positivity for the whole family.

At nursery we have been spending lots of time outdoors to support our mental health and emotional wellbeing we have also been talking about how to keep our brains healthy as well as our bodies and even doing some yoga and deep breathing and stretching exercises!


For more information about Mental Health Awareness Week as well as pages to support for you and your family, follow the link below