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ECO Award Success

We are really pleased to announce that we have been awarded our GREEN ECO AWARD for the second time.

The childen worked really hard with Amanda and the rest of the ECO team to talk about and show all the Eco friendly things that we do in nursery.

We are always learning, throughout the year,  about ways to be eco-friendly. From switching off the lights to save electricity, turning off the taps to save water rearing our own hens for eggs and planting our own vegetables in the nursery garden to eat in the summertime.

Many of our nursery activities also help us to learn about the environment and how to care for it. Bug hunts where we talk about being gentle and kind to the minibeasts, growing flowers and talking about living and non living things and growing caterpillars and butterflies to learn about life cycles. 

We are very proud of our GREEN ECO AWARD. Look out for our eco flag as you walk down the path at nursery


Richard, our ECO assessor was very impressed with all our hard work and made the following comments about our nursery:

" Well done South Normanton Nursery School! The children obviously enjoy their Eco-Schools work.Steve Ward the site manager, is worthy of particular praise, not only for his support of theEco-Schools program, but the way he has gone about quietly making the environment better for staff and children alike. The school is fully integrating sustainability into the everyday life of the children and staff, with excellent external facilities for children to investigate, giving them a great start in learning to love their environment. Support has been strong from the school leaders and sustainability has appeared in the school iimprovement plan. They have worked hard on developing links to the curriculum, as well as topics including litter and waste, transport and global perspectives, and like all good Eco-Schools, have yet more plans to continue their onward journey. Please keep up the hard work!"