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Wildlife Workshop Fun and Learning: 26/05/17

Our children had a great time with Brendan, who brought in some of his pets for us to look at, learn about and handle in a safe and supported environment.


The children were very excited and enthusiastic  to meet the animals really enjoyed the workshop. They were encouraged to look at the animals closely and carefully touch the animals, if they wanted to and taught how to do this gently and safely. We also reinforced to them that it was fine if they didn't want to touch them and they just said "no thank you."

We learnt about lots of different animals from all over the world and talked about how they looked and felt. The children did lots of really good talking using some great descriptive language.

Brendan brought lots of different animals, all of which are his much loved family pets.  We met a wide range of beautiful creatures, from a furry  guinea pigs and chinchillas to smooth corn snakes,  a hairy tarantula a millipede with lots and lots of legs and two bearded dragon lizards.

The children learnt so much from this experience and Brendan commented on how impressed he was with all the children and especially those who overcame their initial anxiety and then stroked or even held the animals that they were initially a little unsure about.

The Wildlife Workshop experience is so valuable for our children to learn about how to treat animals carefully and respectfully handle animals that wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to meet.


If you would like to find out more about all the animals that he brought to meet us and some information about them, please follow the link below.