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13/02/2020: STEAMing ahead with a fabulous activity day!

We’ve had a fantastic and very busy STEAM Activity on Thursday. With not too much rain we were able to explore, play and learn both inside and outside in the nursery garden. We had a great time and welcomed lots of parents and carers, grandparents and friends to take part in our STEAM activities.


…So what is STEAM?


STEAM stands for Science, Technology,

Engineering, Arts and Maths


By supporting children’s learning in these areas we encourage them to build their confidence by seeking challenge. We give them opportunities to investigate, explore, problem solve, think independently and creatively and evaluate as they go along…

These are all important skills for today’s children to practise,

to be successful adults in the future!



Throughout the activity day, our children and families enjoyed a wide range of fun activities to help them to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths. Our activities included investigating what colours are made of, creating and investigating things that spin, an engineering challenge building a house for the 3 Little Pigs, tessellating shapes, pipe cleaner measuring challenge, saving our seas with glow in the dark creatures and superheros that could move trains! 


We also had a very special visitor...Rob from Modeshift showed us how to power a smoothie maker to make a smootie just using a bicycle! He and some of our parents had a go as pedalling as fast as they could to create the electricity required to power the smoothie maker. The children were fascinated to watch as the fruit was chopped and blended by pedal power...and the smoothies tasted great and were very healthy too. Many thanks to Rob for his great demonstration.

We will be working with Modeshift throughout the year to gain our sustainable Travel Accreditation & Recognition for Schools award. We look forward to others activities with them  including scooter and balance bike training later in the year .


Activity days are always lots of fun and a great opportunity to share our learning with our families at nursery. Last week there was a huge amount of STEAM learning, practising so many important skills and preparing our children to e successful adults in the future!


Many thanks to all who came to join us...we hope you enjoyed the day.