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Mud is Good!

We are so excited to have a brand new 'Mud Kitchen' in our nursery garden.

With pots, pans, scoops and spoons as well as a pretend oven, house and table tops, the children can learn and have lots of fun playing with mud!

The 'Mud Kitchen offers lots of potential learning experiences for the children they have the opportunity, to explore, repeat and test ideas, classify, transform and observe, investivgate, sort and label.

Whilst in the mud kitchen the children can carry out lots of different actions to develop their physical skills. Mashing, moulding, sieving and smoothing, stirring, scooping, whisking and gathering, squeezing, squashing, pressing and rolling.

Working togwether in the 'Mud Kitchen' also teaches the children the valuable life skills of cooperation, sharing, turn taking, and supporting each other, whilhst also encouraging fantastic opportunities for speaking and listening as they ask questions and talk about what they are doing and how the mud looks and feels.

Already, after just a few days, we have seen so much fantastic learning taking place and It's really great fun!

Playing in the 'Mud Kitchen' can be a little bit messy at times so we always ask children to wash their hands afterwards and can we please remind parents to send the children to nursery in 'play clothes' so that it doesn't matter if they get a bit muddy.

Thank you very much to Debbie who has worked very hard to create this fantastic new area for our children.

We can't wait to continue to create in our 'Mud Kitchen'...the potential is endless!