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An Activity Day Packed with Learning...Respecting Rights and Water. 22/03/17

On Wednesday 22nd March we again opened our doors to many parents and carers for a day packed with fun and learning firstly about the importance of water and our environment and secondly about our Rights and Responsibilities as children and as adults.


The activity day took place on World Water Day and we had already started our learning earlier in the week, about how important water is to our environment and also how lucky we are to have fresh, clean water available every day from the taps in our homes. We looked at some pictures and talked about the people for whom this was not the case and how difficult it was for some people in other countries just to get water to drink and wash in.

We asked the children of think of ideas about how we could save water and they came up with some great ideas about remembering to turn off the taps, reusing water to water the plants in the garden and collecting rain water to use in our mud kitchen at nursery.

For more information about World Water Day please follow the link below.

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Our activity day was full of exciting activities and the children and their families took part in painty bubble blowing, bee conservation, by planting some very special plants that bees like, to take home with them. Thet also made weather charts, had watery fun in our fantastic sensory room and ate a very healthy snack.

During the day, Stephanie asked all the children, staff and parents/ carers to do a very special job with her.

As a nursery we have embarked on the journey to become a Rights Respecting School (RRS)

The Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is an initiative run by UNICEF UK which encourages schools to place the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child at the heart of its ethos and curriculum.

As a RRS we will be doing even more learning about rights and responsibilities to raise the profile and support the children’s understanding of respect. As always we will be continuing to discuss rights and responsibilities in our learning environment and modeling respect in all our relationships, whether between children and adults.

Stephanie worked with every child and adult at nursery to agree to our nursery charter by ‘signing’ a colour to go on our Rights Respecting Rainbow.

Read our Charter below

Follow the link below to look at the Rights Respecting Schools page on our website about our commitment and journey to become a Rights Respecting School.



We had a really fantastic activity day…we think it was one of the best ever!...with lots of current parents and carers as well as our new children who are starting with us after the Easter holidays who came to visit with their families too.

Thanks for your support on this day and we hope the learning that we began on activity day will reach far into the future.