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World Children's Day 20/11/17




World Children's Day 2017



Today our RIGHTS RESPECTING big thinkers have been celebrating World Children's Day which has adopted the slogan of #KidsTakeOver. Children all over the world have been encouraged to join together to use their voice to campaign for the rights of all children. Here in our big thinkers group, we looked at lots of important people and thought about how they could use their voice to speak out for children and build a better future.




As we came up with lots of ideas, Stephanie scribed them for us on the photos of the important people and we came across some issues which we chatted about in our group. When thinking about the famous footballer Ronaldo and how many children around the world look up to him and listen to what he has to say, one of the problems we thought about was ‘girls playing football’, Daniel said he only saw boys playing football on the TV and Lois said girls can play football too. We thought about a solution and came up with maybe someone important with a voice at the TV company making sure that children get to see girls playing football a bit more on TV …..what clever thinking!



We talked about having enough of what we need to be healthy in mind and body being very important and how people can use their voice to remind everyone of this but we also talked about aiming high, reaching above and beyond.


We understand that everyone should have a dream and a wish and should try very hard to follow that dream. Achieving is for everyone not just a few people. We thought about the children that would be receiving our shoebox donations from last week and how they might not have a dream as it is very difficult to concentrate and focus if you do not have the basic things that we take for granted – food, drink and a roof over your head.


We thought about how we can use our own voices at South Normanton Nursery School to tell people about children's rights and they said that we could 'use kind words', 'ask friends if they are ok', 'say it is not fair', 'ask for help', 'use our signing when we cannot say words' and 'ask if they want some milk'.


Here are the important people that we considered:


Hibo Wardere – Somali born campaigner against FGM

Jacob Zuma – President of South Africa

Richard Branson – Entrepreneur

Her Majesty the Queen

Cristiano Ronaldo - Footballer

Teresa May – Prime Minister

Hardyal Dhindsa – Police and Crime commissioner Derbyshire

Stephanie Astle - our headteacher

Donald Trump – President of the USA

Ariana Grande – Pop Star

Kathryn Boulton – Director for Children’s Services Derbyshire County Council


Look at what we thought each person might say:




For more information on World Children's Day and Unicef, click on the picture below!