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Mixing, whisking, flipping Pancake Fun! 13.02.18

We had a fantastic time at nursery learning about Pancake Day.


We talked to the children about Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday which is the start of lent for people who are Christian. This is they eat up all the 'nice' food in the house before the run up to the festival of Easter.


It is very important that our children begin to learn about how different people practice their religion and celebrate their culture and the importance of respecting their right to do this which is a key aspect of our social, moral, spiritual and cultural curriculum.


At the snack table and on the tough spot, we had a go at making pancakes, putting all the ingredients together and then mixing to make the pancake batter. Some of us had a go at tossing them (which was quite tricky) and then we put them on a plate and ate them with some orange juice. Yum! We talked about how they tasted introducing some new words like 'tangy' and 'sharp’ and using some descriptive words like 'sweet', 'yummy' and 'lovely'


There were lots of other pancake activities in nursery too including pancake threading and pancake patterns to support our fine motor skills and continue our discussions about pancakes and we read and watched two different pancake stories as well. Outside the children even had a pancake race!


Some of our children learnt a special Pancake Day song and even a pancake day rap as well.


We’ve asked the children to share their experiences of Pancake Day at home, by posting a Pancake challenge on Tapestry, asking them how many pancakes they eat, how many times they toss them, what toppings they choose and whether they roll, stack or fold into quarters. We can’t wait to share the children’s experiences of their very own celebrations which is great for their confidence and communication and language.