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...We got by with a little help from our Monkeys!

You may remember back in July that we embarked on a special transition project to support our children as the transitioned into nursery (and big school)


With the COVID19 pandemic meaning that everything had to be a little different this year, we had to think about 

 supporting our children in a completely different way. Every child received a monkey specially delivered to their home which they could take care of and do jobs with over the summer and then bring to nursery in September.


It has been a fantastic success and many children have bought and continue to their monkeys (many of which now how the most fabulous wardrobes) with them each day to nursery. 


We appreciate how very important children's emotional wellbeing is to their physical and mental health and we have really seen the impact of this project in supporting this, as the monkeys have helped our children to feel safe and settle in to their new or forgotten surroundings.


I'm sure we will continue to see our little monkeys in nursery for a while longer yet and we will certainly be enlisting the help of more monkeys when we have more new children throughout the year.