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02/11/2020: Flowers to support our creativity and well-being. Community links with Alfreton Pottery

You may remember that before the summer that our children took part in a very special Art Project working with Alfreton Pottery to help them (and their parents) to be creative and support well being during such a difficult time.

Each child received a pack containing clay, paints and information which helped them to create a piece of art based on the theme of flowers. These were collected, kiln dried and glazed by Dave at the pottery who has now returned them to us with fabulous results. The flowers have now mostly been returned to the little nursery artists who made them…but before gave them back to their creators, we created a fantastic display in our nursery garden. Just look at how amazing they look! We thank Alfreton Pottery and all who took part to help us explore our creativity and create such a wonderful display.