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Some of last week's important and exciting learning: 20/10/17

A Visit from Tesco's

There was some adventurous tasting, fantastic talking and fabulous learning when we had a visit from Tesco supermarket this week

Two ladies from the Alfreton Tescos supermarket came again to visit our nursery and brought with them a wonderful selection of breads, fruit, vegetables for us to look at, feel and taste!

The children really enjoyed using their senses to sniff and smell, touch and eat. They felt flour and ate different breads and learned about which was healthier and why, they tasted vegetables grown in the UK like carrots and fruit including pineapple and strawberries which were grown abroad. They also talked about how the produce got to the supermarket when it came from so far away.


This experience was made possible by the government ‘Farm to Fork’ initiative and is part of Tescos ‘Eat Happy’ project.

A big thank you goes out to Jo and Alison from Tesco for making this such a wonderful and exciting day. The children had fantastic fun learning with them.

Please follow the link below to find out more about The Eat Happy and Farm to Fork Projects.


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Travel Smart Week

Last week was Travel Smart Week. Along with lots of other schools in Derbyshire, we were thinking about keeping fit and looking after the earth by trying to exercise more and use the car less...or as the Travel Smart Heroes say...
'Get active, beat the chaos caused by traffic and play your part to help the planet, one school at a time!'
Using the Travel Smart Heroes, we talked to the children about how they travelled to school; walking, scooting, cycling or even park and stride (a bit of time in the car and then a little walk) We have been using this as an important part of our maths and our ECO learning.
Every child took home a special leaflet all about Travel Smart Week asking them to design their own Travel Smart Hero and they have been sending back pictures on Tapestry about how they travelled to school and their own Travel Smart Hero designs. In nursery we  also used different ways of recording how we travelled to school using graphs, pictures and charts.

Talking about our emotions with

The Colour Monster Story

Last week we  all read the story of The Colour Monster at nursery. For some it was the first time and for others it was a change to revisit this lovely story. The story about a monster with muddled up emotions, helps to support the children to talk about feelings by giving a colour to each of the feelings; happy, sad, angry, frightened alone, calm and loved. We then supported the children to say how they felt, using the colours to help them.

This story and the learning that comes from it is a very important part of our PSED and safeguarding curriculum.

Being able to label feelings is crucial to a child knowing what they feel like - happy or sad just does not cut it, as children cannot tailor every feeling to this - what about the angry feeling in you tummy (it could be hunger) or the wobbly feeling deep down (it could be worry). We use the story 'The Colour Monster' as a foundation for talking about feelings - we use feeling labels everyday and we embed a culture of it is ok to feel...... We never stop a child from feeling ......., as we support them to recognise it, label it and talk about what we need to do next.


The Colour Monster story and other resources that go with it are always available for the children in nursery for them to use with an adult or independently  to support each other. We encourage them to continue to talk about, label and describe theirs and other people's feeling whenever possible and in lots of different contexts as it is such a vital life skill.

Diwali Celebrations


At nursery we have been learning about the Festival of Light that is celebrated by people who are Sikh or Hindu.

We have did lots of exciting activities in nursery to help us with our learning.

We made Rangoli patterns, made Divas out of clay, listened to some Bhangra music and practised special dancing. Around nursery there were lots of red and gold activities as these are special colours, when celebrating Diwali. We also talked looked at some special clothes that Hindu and Sikh people wear when they are celebrating Diwali and the children enjoyed trying them on. One of our parent governors sent in a beautiful sari for us to look at and some photos of herself wearing it. Later in the year we are hoping that she is able to come in and show us the special way to put it on. Later in the week we talked about the special food that people eat when they are celebrating Diwali too.


Learning such as this is a very important part of our British values and Rights Respecting Schools curriculum. It helps the children to gain an awareness of other cultures and beliefs and helps them to understand and respect the similarities and differences between themselves and others and understand their place in the wider community and the world.