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29/05/20: Paint and water in the beautiful sunshine

What a beautiful hot and sunny end to the bank holiday week at nursery.

Over the last couple of days we haven’t stopped having fun and being busy! We have been following the children’s interests and making the most of the sunshine with lots of outside play.

Yesterday we splatter painted outside in the nursery garden…messy, but so much fun!...and then we used the big brushes and water later on to wash the paint from the walls and the windows! The water play kept us nice and cool in the sunny weather and we all remembered to be sun safe, funding the shade and wearing our hats!

We’ve had lots to drink too, to keep us hydrated and plenty of fruit. After revisiting our hungry caterpillar story we made fruit skewers and our very own caterpillars and butterflies.

We’ve also enjoyed trying out some special new programs on the computer which got us doing really good thinking and talking.

For our last day of the week we wondered how we could make our very own seaside. We painted the sand and the sea, walked over it with our bare painted feet then washed them in our pretend sea!!

We’ve also enjoyed pretend boat rides, making sea gulls and some ice cream with dolphins!