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The success of 'Food Drop Friday' continues...Helping the homeless in collaboration with Gears of Goodwill: 10/17

Mick from Gears of Goodwill was back at nursery recently (13/10/17) to collect for our ‘Food Drop Friday’, the nursery’s collaboration with them to help the homeless people of Derby.

Mick was again shocked by the fantastic generosity of our families and had to make two trips to his car to take all the donations which our families had brought in over the last few weeks. There was lots of food and plenty of towels this time which mick said will be warmly and gratefully received by the homeless people whom he and his team work with in Derby city.


Huge thanks again to all our families for continuing to support ‘Food Drop Friday’ Please keep the donations coming in as we look forward to continuing to work together with Gears of Goodwill to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


As well as being an important link with our local community our ‘Food Drop Friday’ project provides really important learning experiences for our children. The ongoing project teaches them about different ways to help other people both adults and children, that we’re all equal in the world and that we have a right to the things that we need to keep us safe and well as explained in Article 24 of the UN Charter on the Rights of a Child. It also teaches children that it is ok to need and accept help from others. It is a part of our SNNS Charter to show responsibility oft the inhabitants of our world and by supporting charities we are doing just that. We also recognise that it’s very important to the mental health and well being of us all, to connect with other people and give to those less fortunate than ourselves. All of these concepts are important aspects of our PSED and British Values curriculum and link to our Rights Respecting Promise.