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05/02/2021: Children's Mental Health Week, exploring space and a Dinosaurumpus!

This week in phonics we continued listening for rhyming words with a dinosaur theme, following the children's interests.

We read the story Dinosaurumpus together using our bodies to feel and tap the rhythm of the story...we also made some dinosaur actions and sounds...dinosaurs are very noisy you know!

Lots of the words in the story rhymed with one another like romp, swamp and stomp...and when we heard rhyming words we repeated them together. We're getting very good at hearing and saying words that rhyme! We also did some dinosaur themed storytelling in our Tales Toolkit sessions too!


In maths this week we explored and learnt about how much space our bodies take up! We made our bodies big and small by stretching and curling up and then made some enclosures on the ground using tape. We experimented with how many people we could get in the enclosures which kept changed shape and size too...but we got good at estimating how many of us could fit in at once!


This week was Children's Mental Health Week and the focus this year was ‘Express Yourself’
At nursery we have been focussing on the importance of talking care of our minds as well as our bodies, especially how to relax and be calm and thinking about how we express our feelings and we have been exploring different ways that we can express ourselves.

We read our Colour Monster story which
 is one of our core stories at nursery and helps the children to learn about their different emotions or feelings. It gave us a great opportunity to talk about feeling  happy, sad, angry, frightened, calm and loved. We showed each other how our faces looked and what our bodies did,  when we were experiencing all of these different feelings and talked about when we felt each of these emotions. We also did some yoga and deep breathing through the week to help us to feel calm and danced to music in the nursery.