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06/12/19: Learning about the traditions of Christmas, decorating our very own tree, concert preparations, rhymes and rhyming and role modelling for our new children

We’ve certainly been busy again this week!. What a lot of fantastic playing and learning!
As well as enjoying some new music to wake up our bodies and brains to at the start of the session…we’ve had a busy week of rhyming in phonics. We’ve continued to read familiar rhyming stories and started to predict the words that rhyme with one another and bees have done a fabulous job. We’ve also continued to use rhyming names in nursery which sounded really funny but are a great way of getting the children's ears used to words that rhyme with one another.


This week at the end of the session we have been starting to learn about the traditions of Christmas in Britain and how and why Christian people celebrate this special occasion. The children were really excited to compare their own experiences of putting up trees, decorations and of course elves. We have done some fantastic singing, learning our Christmas songs for our upcoming concert and we’ve looked at pictures and chatted about where our concert will take place so the children are prepared for the occasion…everyone seems very excited!

This learning supports the children to understand theirs and others beliefs and the right to practice and celebrate these.  This is a very important element of the Rights Respecting and British Values learning which is carefully weaved through our curriculum.


 In big nursery we have been super busy making decorations for our Nursery Christmas tree, paper chains for the ceilings and decorations for the lights and windows too. This has helped us to practice some really important fine motor skills, helping our fingers to twist, thread and use tools. It also really helps the children to understand about the ways in which we prepare for Christmas and gave way to lots of conversations about their own preparations.


Outside in the nursery garden the children have been enjoying the weather being a little dryer and taking the opportunity to enjoy earning some new skills with bats and balls and building at top of the garden.


As the children put on their coats to go outside they noticed their special Rights Respecting Leaves which have gone up on the trees in the cloakroom...a fantastic visual reminder of the 'fist print promise' that we all made at nursery to do good playing, good learning and keep safe...well done everyone!


At the end of the week we had some new visitors to nursery again. Our new friends that are starting in January came with their grown ups. Our older children continued to be fantastic ‘role models', especially when the parents went for a meeting with Peter. We were very proud of our current cohorts…showing the new children the right things to do at nursery and how fantastic it is to play both inside and out. We can't wait for our new children and families to to join us in January and become part of our South Normanton Nursery School community.