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11/11/21: Planting our poppies to help us to remember for Remembrance Day

As part of our learning about Remembrance Day the children made special poppies to display on the path on the way to nursery.


We used pegs and pom poms  to print the poppies in red for the people and purple for the animals, which was great fun and very good for our fine motor skills  and as we did this we looked at some pictures to help us to learn about why we have Remembrance Day...what a fantastic way of learning about the importance of Remembrance and by placing them on our path it helped us to revisit our experiences throughout the week.

We had some lovely conversations thorughout the week talking about how Remembrance Day helps us to remember the people and animals who helped to keep us safe and stood up for our rights so that we can live happily in South Normanton. This learning helped to reinforce a key part of our Rights Respecting Schools curriculum and our values as people.


The children enjoyed watching a special CBeebies video to help reinforce the learning about Remembrance Day and many requested to watch it again. Please follow the link below if you would like to share this with your child at home to continue to reinforce this important learning.


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