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National Anti-Bullying Week: 19/11/18

National Anti-bullying Week.

The week before last was national Anti-Bullying week so a lot of our learning at nursery was based on helping us to think, talk about and understand about how we treat others and what effect this has on them and to appropriately support the children to recognise when others are being treated badly or bullied. We watched a very old Disney film version of The Ugly Duckling story which had music and no words. It was a great way to begin to talk to the children about kind and unkind behaviour and to help us to think about how other people are feeling and the effects that our behaviour has on them. The children were great at making the links and fantastic at describing what was happening, what the characters were doing and how they were feeling.

We shared a number of other stories too. A new story based on the Ugly Duckling called You’re Not Ugly Duckling and another called Leave Me Alone. These two excellent books helped us to talk about how we can help our friends when others are being unkind to them by being kind ourselves, telling a grown up and also telling the people who are being unkind to stop, which is a very important message.


This type of learning forms a key part of our Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) curriculum which helps our children to think and talk about their own and others needs, feelings and safety which is a key priority for us at nursery. It also supports children with their learning about their right to choose friends and express their ideas as long as they are not harmful to others (UNCRC A13) and gives them the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a good friend and how we should treat other people which is a very important part of our safeguarding curriculum as it links to their understanding of relationships.


To share the video again at home, please follow the YouTube link below