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Our British Values

British Values at South Normanton Nursery School


At South Normanton Nursery School we believe that the EYFS provides a solid foundation to encourage a child’s understanding and acceptance that we live in diverse communities with many different cultures and lifestyles.


As a school which places the rights of children at the centre of everything we do, we spend a great deal of time respecting the needs of every individual child in school – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each curriculum area is taught with the needs of every child at its core and all practitioners in school acknowledge the responsibility they have to provide a curriculum that is creative and stimulating. This curriculum nurtures all children and allows them to be successful and proud of all their achievements.


Our aims are:


 · Every child has the right to an education that develops their talents. This education must nurture a child’s respect for themselves, others and their environment. (UNCRC. Article 29)


 · All children are immersed in the core British values of respect and tolerance, rule of law, individual liberty, democracy, and an understanding of difference and diversity.


· To help children and young people to learn to understand others, to value diversity whilst also promoting shared values, to promote awareness of human rights and to apply and defend them. These values are reflected through our Rights Respecting School work.


To find out how South Normanton Nursery School promotes British Values amongst our children and the opportunities they are provided with, please see our overview below.