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The Culture and Traditions of St Patrick's Day: 17/03/17

On Friday 17th March we had fun at nursery doing some cultural learning about St Patricks Day.

We learnt that St Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland and that Ireland is the country in which our Headteacher Stephanie was born.


We found out that St Patrick’s day is a very important day for lots of people all around the world as it celebrates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and is a celebration of Irish culture and traditions.


We talked about how people celebrate St Patrick’s Day took part in some activities in nursery to help us to learn. There was lots of green… painting, collaging and colouring as green is a very important colour for celebrating St Patrick’s day. We also watched some special dancing called Irish Line Dancing and Stephanie showed us how to do in properly…then we had a go at dancing to the music ourselves…the music was very energetic and it was lots of fun!


Learning such as this helps our children to understand about different cultures and the ways in which other people celebrate. It also helps them to make links between their own beliefs, traditions and celebrations and those of other people to begin to understand what it means to be British and how to embrace, celebrate and value the beliefs and traditions of other people in our community and the wider world.