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Splash, Drip, Dribble…A Wonderful Water Wall!

Splash, Drip, Dribble…A Wonderful Water Wall!

We have a new instalment in our nursery garden…a Wonderful Water Wall.

This has been created by Debbie with the help of our Site Manager Steve. The Water Wall is made up of lots of different tubes, wheels, funnels and pipes attached at different levels, with trays of water at the bottom and scoops so that the children can pour and fill.

Using the water wall is particularly good for helping the children to learn about cause and effect, for example,

What happens when we pour the water in the wheel?

Where does the water go when we pour it into the pipe?

The children have been enjoying playing and learning using this fantastic new feature. They have been doing very good sharing and also been using some excellent language to describe what they are doing.