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28/10/19: Willow lopping and weaving....What a productive start to half term! Fabulous teamwork and an amazing impact on the nursery garden.

Oh my word! I cannot believe what we've achieved today!..What a busy and productive start to Half Term!


Our nursery garden is so fantastic and an amazing learning resource for all of our children. It is however a very large area, which takes a huge amount of maintenance!


Some of our team began early this morning to start lopping and re-weaving some of the willow in the nursery garden which had grown very big indeed and was in need of a severe trim. Armed with all manner of garden tools we chopped and lopped with fabulous results. We now have a much tidier willow tunnel and willow fence and a gigantic pile of willow that we can re-use in other areas of the nursery garden.

After a short break for lunch, we them set about the task of removing the brambles and nettles from behind our fence in preparation for tree planting and shelter building later this year and next.

As the light faded and with the compost heap reaching its limit, we packed away and headed home.


Thanks so much to the fantastic staff who gave their time (and lots of energy) to achieve such amazing results today. I feel happy and proud that our nursery garden continues to go from strength to strength and will provide essential learning opportunities for the children of South Normanton now and for many years to come.