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A Visit from Olaf! 12/12/14

Wow! What an exciting day we had yesterday.

In the morning we received a very special letter from Olaf, the snowman from Frozen.

He had heard that at nursery we all really like the film frozen and that we were really eager to meet some of the characters from the story. 

The children were very excited to hear that he was visiting us during the day, to meet some new friends and maybe even have a quick photoshoot!

The news of his visit sparked some fantastic learning, especially speech and language and mark making opportunities. The chidren were all talking to each other and the staff about what to expect, what they were going to say to Olaf, how he would feel and where he needed to be when he arrived. Some of the children even made letters and pictures to give to him on his arrival.

Olaf came into our jungle room (but not for too long so that he didn't melt) The children talked to him about how he looked and they especially liked his buttons and his carrot nose. We put on the 'Frozen' music and he did a little dance for us...he especially seemed to like 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman?' and 'Let It Go'  

Those children  (and some staff) who wanted, also had the opportunity to have their photograph taken with Olaf, to show their grown ups at home...this also promoted lots more discussion with the children and their parents and carers and was a lovely souvenir of a really exciting session.

Many thanks to Barry Thacker, one of our nursery governors who helped to make this lovely experience possible for all our children.